2018 Memberships are SOLD OUT! If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please send an email to Thank you!

Family Membership - $635  2 parents and their children living in the same household or one parent with more than one child living in the same household

Double - $550  2 adults or 1 parent & 1 child living in the same household

Single - $460  One adult

The Casa Solana Pool has reached its membership limit for the last 5 years. Former members are being given advance notice of membership availability but please do not delay. See you at the deep end!

Guest Fee - $8/day or $50/10-pass book - available at the pool during the season. A member must accompany all guests.

Membership Policies

Please make sure you are familiar with our Membership policies and procedures.  

All members are required to follow these policies.

Guests of Members: Guests are allowed entry only if they accompany a member to the pool grounds and a guest fee is paid. No guests are allowed in the clubhouse or pool without the sponsoring member present. Please make certain your guests wait for you to enter the Clubhouse, and that they do not pressure our lifeguards to allow them early entry. Guests must leave when the member leaves and not after. This policy is designed not only as a courtesy to our paying members, but is also a requirement of our insurance. The maximum number of guests allowed in any one visit is six. Please be advised that non compliance to the guest policy may result in a forfeiture of membership.

Caregiver Policy: Members may list up to two names of “Caregivers” on their membership application (babysitter, nanny, grandparent, etc.). The Caregiver Policy is designed to allow an alternate adult to accompany member children to the pool when a parent cannot be present. If a Caregiver is present while a parent is also at the pool, then a guest fee must be paid. Guest fees must be paid for additional children attending with the Caregiver. Please be advised that non compliance with the Caregiver policy may result in a forfeiture of membership.  

Inclement Weather:  Lifeguards are required to clear the pool when lightning is visible or if other threatening weather is nearby. The Pool Manager or Managing Lifeguard will make the decision as to when the pool can safely be reopened.  The safety of our members is the top priority of our lifeguarding staff.  In some cases, after prolonged weather delays, the staff may make the decision to close the pool entirely. It is always advisable to call the pool to check on the current status if there is inclement weather in the area.  Members are not entitled to refunds for lost time due to inclement weather.

Emergencies:  There are sometimes emergencies beyond the control of the Board which necessitate closing the pool or altering hours (plumbing, mechanical, electrical issues, etc.).  Please know that the Board attempts to limit these occurrences whenever possible, but must follow state regulations and ensure member safety. Members are not entitled to refunds for lost time due to emergencies. 

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