Casa Solana Swim Lessons

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Toddlers ages 2-4: Children will be introduced to water exploration and basic water skills.  Class will take place in tot pool.  Parent or guardian must be in pool.

Minnows ages 4 and up (must be able to stand in 3 feet of water): Children will learn basic water safety and swimming skills. To include water entry, bobs, front/back float, front/back glide, flutter kick, front crawl and combined stroke on back.

Goldfish ages 5 and up (must have Minnows skills): Children will learn basic water safety, swimming skills, and strokes.  To include rhythmic breathing, rotary breathing, front crawl, back crawl, whip kick, water entries deep water, changing positions, underwater swimming, treading water, intro to elementary backstroke.

Dolphin ages 6 and up (must have Goldfish skills): Children will learn intermediate safety and swimming skills.  Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, treading water deep water, diving, underwater swimming, and introduction to breaststroke and scissor kick.

Sharks ages 7 and up (must have Dolphin skills): Children will learn intermediate and advanced swimming skills.  Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly, diving, surface dives, and safety skills.

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2018 Swim Lesson Schedule

Fee: $80 members/$120 non-member – eight lessons in all!  Classes must have at least three students to occur.

Todders  M-TH      11:00-11:30 (5 Max)

6/4-6/14   6/18- 6/28   7/9-7/19   7/23-8/2                                                           

Minnows M-TH      10:00-10:30 & 11:00-11:30 ( 2classes per time Slot, 5 swimmers per class) 10 Max

6/4-6/14   6/18-6/28   7/9-7/19 (10-10:30 only)   7/23-8/2 (10-10:30 only)

Goldfish  M-TH       10:00-10:40 (2 classes 6 per class)12 Max

6/4-6/14   6/18-6/28   7/9-7/19   7/23-8/3

Dolphin M-TH 11:00-11:45  7 Max

6/18-6/28   7/9-7/19

Sharks M-TH   11:00-11:45  10 Max

7/9-7/19   7/23-8/3

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