Welcome to CSNA group swim lessons. Lessons are offered for skill levels ranging from the non-swimmer who is not safe in the water to advanced swimmers who will be introduced to competitive strokes. Class size will be limited to 4 to 6 students per instructor depending on class level. All instructors have had prior teaching experience and/or have gone through training to become an instructor.

Please read the information below before signing up at the bottom of this page.

Information for Swim Lessons

The Casa Solana Neighborhood Pool swim lessons are based on the Red Cross Swimming Levels guidelines. We offer classes at Toddler, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The skills taught in each class depend on the needs of the kids taking the classes and are at the discretion of the Instructors. For example, if all of the kids in the Beginner Class are comfortable in the water, the instructor may decide to teach a few skills that are typically taught at Intermediate.

Please read the guidelines below and decide which class will best meet the needs of your swimmer. The final placement of the children into classes is at the discretion of the Instructors.

This class is primarily for toddlers or children who are unable to touch the bottom of the pool at the shallow end which is 3 feet deep. This class will meet in the kiddy pool and class size is a minimum of 2 and is limited to 4 swimmers maximum. Parents are asked to sit at the edge of the pool.
1 Become comfortable in the water
2 Experiment with submerging face into the water
3 Kicking while seated on edge of pool
4 Learning to enjoy being in the pool

Objective is to help students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely. Swimmers will learn elementary water skills on which they can build as they progress through the various levels. 6 swimmers maximum per instructor.
1 Become oriented to being in the water
2 Fully submerge face (3 seconds)
3 Experience buoyancy (bob 10 times)
4 Supported float on front/back
5 Basic breath control (bubble blowing)
6 Enter and exit water independently
7 Move through water comfortably
8 Supported kicking on front/back
9 Introduction to alternating arm action
10 Familiarize with getting help
11 Reaching assists and instructor without equipment
12 Fully submerge head (hold 3 seconds)

Objective is to give swimmers success with fundamental skills and learn to float without support. Learn basic self-help rescue skills. 7 swimmers maximum per instructor.
1 Fully submerge head
2 Retrieve objects in chest-deep water
3 Orientation to deep water with support
4 Front and back float unsupported
5 Unsupported back float or glide (5 sec.)
6 Leveling off from a vertical position
7 Rhythmic breathing (bob 10 times)
8 Flutter kick on front/back
9 Back crawl arm action
10 Combined stroke front/back using kick/arm movements (5 yards)
11 Turning over front/back, back/front
12 Become familiar with rescue breathing

Swimmers learn to coordinate front and back crawl. Elementary backstroke and the fundamentals of treading water are introduced.
1 Retrieve object, eyes open, no support
2 Bob and submerge head completely breathing to side
3 Bob in water slightly over head to
4 Jump into deep water from side of pool
5 Front/Back glide w/ push off (2 body lengths)
6 Kneeling dive and compact dive from side of pool
7 Coordinate arm stroke for crawl
8 Coordinate back crawl
9 Reverse direction while swimming on front/back
10 Elementary back stroke (10 yards)
11 Jump into deep water from diving board
12 Tread water

Objective is to develop confidence in strokes learned thus far and to improve other aquatic skills. Introduce breaststroke, sidestroke and wall turns. 7 swimmers maximum per instructor.
1 Deep water bobbing
2 Experiment with buoyancy and floating position
3 Rotary breathing
4 Stride dive from side of pool from a standing position
5 Elementary backstroke (10 yards)
6 Sculling on back (5 yards)
7 Front/back crawl (25 yards)
8 Basics of Breaststroke (10 yards)
9 Basics of Sidestroke (10 yards)
10 Turning at the wall
11 Tread water with modified scissors
12 Learn rescue breathing techniques

Objective is coordination and the refinement of key strokes. Introduce the butterfly, open turns, feet-first surface dives and increase swim distances.
1 Alternate breathing
2 Stride jump entry
3 Beginning diving progression
4 Long shallow dive
5 Breaststroke (10 yards)
6 Sidestroke (10 yards)
7 Underwater swimming (3 body lengths)
8 Elementary backstroke (15 yards)
9 Butterfly Dolphin Kick (10 yards)
10 Front/back crawl (50 yards)
11 Open turn on front/back
12 Feet first surface dive
13 Tread water (2 min., 2 different strokes)

An appropriate Class Level for each swimmer will be determined by the Instructors. If necessary or desired, swimmers may repeat a class level before moving on to the next level.
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (Big Pool)
2 sections meet in big pool at one time from 10am until 10:45am (45 min. classes)
2 sections from 11am until 11:45am (45 min. classes)
Price: 8 day class $65 members / $95 non-members

Toddler Class (Kiddy Pool)
Classes last 4 days - MONDAY - THURSDAY 30 minute class
11:00am - 11:30am
Price: 4 day Toddler class $35 members / $45 non-members

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